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    Mon - Fri 9AM to 5PM
    Sat 9AM to 4PM

    405 Carlisle Ave, York
    Mon - Fri 10AM to 5PM
    Sat 9AM to 4PM
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  • Every Purchase Makes a Difference

    As a partner of Bell Socialization Services, proceeds raised through sales at Re-Source York help empower our neighbors to improve their quality of living, including those in Bell's job-training programs at RSY.
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    Re-Source York inspires our community by being environmentally and socially responsible.
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    Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
    Sat 9am-4 pm
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Need Cabinets? We have ’em.

Re-Source York typically has a nice selection of kitchen cabinet sets on the floor and ready for your upcoming project needs. Recent inventory ranged in price from $360 for a tiny one to $4800 for a large kitchen.

Getting creative with paint, adding shelves, removing doors, or whatever will give make them distinctively yours.

Here’s an idea from a kitchen makeover article to turn plain knobs into focal points. For this look, oversize wood knobs (which you can find at RSY) were spray-painted white and layered with a metal washer (which you can find at RSY) and a typewriter-key tack from the scrapbook store. To assemble, apply polyurethane glue to the center of the painted knob and position the washer and tack on top, then secure the pieces with a rubber band while the glue cures overnight. Easy!

Speaking of cabinets, we also have LOTS of bathroom cabinets and bathroom cabinet sets at the E. Ninth Avenue store. Why let the kitchen have all the fun new stuff? Stop in and let our friendly staff help you find what’s right for you.


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