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    As a partner of Bell Socialization Services, proceeds raised through sales at Re-Source York help empower our neighbors to improve their quality of living, including those in Bell's job-training programs at RSY.
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Need a Big Romantic Gesture?

The Tree of Love is on display in our RSY location at 161 E. Ninth Avenue, North York

The Tree of Love is on display in our RSY location at 161 E. Ninth Avenue, North York

Express the enormity of your love for your special someone with a gift that already has a history of true love.

Thirty years ago, on the occasion of their wedding, a York couple received a ficus tree. (Also known as a fig tree, a symbol of fertility, but no pressure, right?) Just like the couple’s love for one another, the tree grew and grew and grew over the past three decades.

Unloading the moving truck when they relocated down South recently, however, they were saddened to discover their beloved tree somehow wasn’t packed in with the rest of their things and therefore, didn’t make the trip. Needing to get it out of their old house immediately, they turned to Re-Source York with an urgent request to accept the tree as a donation. It had, after all, been a “home improvement” item in their home for many years.

Now we recognize not everyone has space for a tree of this size – with pot and soil and such it must weigh about 300 pounds – but SOMEONE must have room for it!

So, in a spirit of this season of all things love, we are extending an opportunity to our customers, friends, and the community at large, to WIN this lovely tree.

It’s as simple as sharing your story of enduring and/or romantic love in 50 to 100 words or so. We will choose from all entries and the winner becomes the new owner of the” Tree of Love.”

Feel free to share your story on our Facebook page, email it to store manager, Nikki (nikki@resourceyork.com), or send via post to RSY Tree of Love, 161 E. Ninth Avenue, York PA 17404.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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