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Bedroom “Sweet”

waterfall bedroom suiteNewlyweds of the 1930’s often moved into a room in their parents’ home until they could afford to “set up housekeeping” in their own place. Without a need to furnish an entire home right off the bat, the lovebirds did, however, typically invest in a bedroom suite to begin their new life together.


Thanks to budget-friendly “waterfall” pieces, young couples of the Depression Era could start out with a basic set starting around $19.95.  While not considered to be “fine furniture” in regard to materials and technical advances that allowed for mass production, these charming sets carry lots of sentimental value. And because couples of this time period learned to be particularly frugal, they took very good care of the pieces, allowing vintage collectors and appreciators of today to find nicely preserved pieces.


While a complete basic bedroom suite in reasonable condition can typically bring $800 to $900, the two sets currently at our RSY Ninth Avenue store are marked at $150 and $200.


Restoration Tip:  Web sources provide specific tips for restoring waterfall furniture since it is constructed of plywood covered with veneer or paper-thin slices of real wood.  The folks at www.jitterbuzz.com say, “Veneer has a number of enemies, most significantly moisture that causes the veneer to detach itself from the underlying plywood substrate. The most common veneer damage results from storing the furniture in a humid or damp basement.  . . .  Heat, particularly cigarette burns can be a problem. If the glue gets too hot it will swell causing bubbles to form. Cigarettes, matches, or other hot objects (i.e. curling irons) can actually destroy the veneer.”

They further stress “Do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use paint stripper on a waterfall piece,” indicating “alkaline solutions are NOT the solvent for shellac and second, the stripper will loosen the glue and the veneer will come off. So, avoid paint strippers.”

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