161 E 9th Ave, North York York, PA 17404
    Mon - Fri 9AM to 5PM
    Sat 9AM to 4PM

    405 Carlisle Ave, York
    Mon - Fri 10AM to 5PM
    Sat 9AM to 4PM
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  • Every Purchase Makes a Difference

    As a partner of Bell Socialization Services, proceeds raised through sales at Re-Source York help empower our neighbors to improve their quality of living, including those in Bell's job-training programs at RSY.
  • Mission

    Re-Source York inspires our community by being environmentally and socially responsible.
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Did You Know?

There’s something special at Re-Source York the FIRST TUESDAY of each month!

first tuesday at oneOn those days, doors at both locations OPEN at 1pm* and you get a FIRST LOOK at NEW PRICE MARK DOWNS!

This regularly-scheduled clean up and clean out effort helps us keep the stores looking fresh and gives you ADDED DISCOUNTS on the already low prices on our massive inventory of home improvement items.


*Both locations are closed until one o’clock on those days while staff & volunteers get things ready for you. Thanks for your patience.

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