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A’Glow with Excitement – Junior Discovers RSY Lighting

Welcome to the third Re-Source York Scavenger Hunt of the Summer! It’s been a little while since the last installment, but that has given me more time to give you a packed selection of findings on my first trip to the North York location. As an online communications intern for RSY, I’m running a weekly series to focus on a group of items found around the two Re-Source locations.

As I mentioned before, I finally made my way to the North York location (161 East Ninth Avenue) that focuses more on home improvement goods and materials. I was told of the wide selection at this store, but I thought it couldn’t have been too much larger than the RSY on Carlisle Avenue, but boy was I wrong! I was truly shocked at the selection of items in this store. It’s like Lowe’s if Lowe’s had everything on clearance! It’s truly incredible. I would be remiss if I didn’t call it North York’s greatest hidden secret!


For my trip, I decided to focus on lighting fixtures since it’s usually the first thing someone looks at when walking into someone’s dining room. The selection at Re-Source is fantastic; whether you want a chandelier, a fan light, outdoor lights or even vanity lights, you’ll find a great selection of each kind at this location! My favorites were the colored ceiling lights that has a stained-glass look that looks incredible when turned on. The hue it creates when turned on is so calming, it even shows on the image above.

pic2 pic3

This was my favorite individual lighting fixture since it gave off a classic 70s vibe. The roundness to almost every aspect (including the outer bulb) and floral focus really impressed me, and it would look great in an orange or beige-painted dining room. The second photo gives off the stained-glass vibe of cathedrals and I really love the geometric design in this piece.

pic4This pair of vintage-looking outdoor lights look great in-photo and in-person! I love old Gothic and Victorian-themed lights and these look just like something from a building I would see on PBS’ Downton Abbey. If I owned a house, these lights would be near my front door!


This hanging fixture is the fanciest of the ones I saw at RSY, and it has the price to prove it! This is the most expensive item I’ve posted as of yet in this series, but if you’re looking for a ceiling light for your home, this may be the one you’re looking for! Simple but very large, this fixture has elegant curls that serve as arms and hold a very wide clouded dish that would look divine in one’s living room. This is a recent addition to the North York location, and I suspect may go soon, so get it while you can!

Finally, the chandeliers! There are TONS of them at Re-Source, and I already got seven in the photo above! They’re even somewhat customizable since you can always change the glass globes, of which RSY also has a wide selection. (Light bulbs, too!)


That’s it for this edition of my Scavenger Hunt! If you see anything you like, make your way to one of the two Re-Source locations in York to find items like these and more. Keep an eye out for another edition very soon . . . all about music!

Post submitted by intern Junior Gonzalez

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