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Inspiration: Plaid

As fallen leaves crackle beneath our feet and we wake up to find a light frosty covering on our non-garaged vehicles, we know fall has finally arrived. And with it, at least for this Re-Sourceful Regular, a desire to pull on a pair of corduroy trousers and choose from the plaid flannel shirts in the closet. Yay, fall!

plaid fashion

Lucky for me, plaid is all the rage in fall fashion this year, as noted in THIS ARTICLE  from the Forbes Lifestyle section.

Not only are we seeing plaid on the runways, it seems vintage collectors have been picking up on the trend, too, searching for items that draw on a sense of nostalgia for those lunch boxes and suitcases we loved as kids.

plaid lunchbox

Well, because nobody says it nearly as often as they should, I’m going to do it: Re-Source York is right on trend!

That’s right, a visit to the back room of  the Carlisle Avenue store last week revealed this plaid beauty!  It got even better when I noticed the box of vintage ketchup bottles next to it.

plaid couch

If you or someone you know is putting together a Moonrise Kingdom / Wes Anderson-esque room (or could simply use a splash of color in the family room, college apartment, or man cave), get to Re-Source and snag this couch before it’s gone.



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