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RSY Collaboration with The Parliament is “Unhinged”

Unexpected materials frequently make their way into the creative expressions of artists.  Sometimes accidentally, sometimes by merry happenstance, sometimes on purpose. And so it was that the team from York City gallery, The Parliament, made a specific visit to Re-Source York not long ago to look for a bit of reclaimed inspiration.  The resulting collaboration – which also included 20 local artists – produced some beautiful results. IMG_4447 - Copy “This was our first time collaborating with Re-Source York. We like what Bell [Socialization Services] and Re-Source York do, so it was an easy choice for us,” Rita King, The Parliament’s gallery director and participating project artist said. King indicated that working with reclaimed materials is much different than working on a canvas.  “Paint wouldn’t stick to the shutters and cabinets without preparing the surface by sanding, priming, and cleaning it,” she said.   The process is much more time consuming and difficult, but the shutters and cabinets turned out great.     Each participating artist volunteered their time and talent toward the effort, utilizing an array of medium to include spray paint, yarn, acrylic, paint, and more. IMG_4476 Although this was the first collaboration with Re-Source York, the artists of The Parliament frequently stop by the 161 E. Ninth Avenue store location to pick up supplies such as paint, King reported. Overall, the collaboration between The Parliament and Re-Source York can be counted as a great experience and success. “We would definitely like to work with them [Re-Source York] again. There are so many unique and great items at Re-Source York, so we can try something different next time,” King said. “They [The Parliament] displayed some of the artwork here at Re-Source York and I think it’s really neat,” Bill, assistant manager of RSY’s home improvement store said, “I think it’s fantastic that they’re trying to revive and show the diversity of York City.” Bill said Re-Source York employees are proud to be part of an artful project that will help beautify the City. IMG_4465 Once the exhibit closes, the artful shutters and cabinet doors will be permanently installed in the Royal Square neighborhood near The Parliament as part of a community beautification effort. “We wanted to make some of the ugly more pretty,” King said, “Art can do that”. IMG_4468 - Copy The Parliament gallery is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm, and by appointment. The “Unhinged” artwork will remain in the gallery at 116 E. King Street through the end of July. Stop by and check out the result of this great collaboration, and watch for the shutters and cabinet doors in the next few months as they are installed to help beautify York City.


Molly NortonArticle contributed by York native and York College of Pennsylvania student, Molly Norton, who is interning with us this summer.  Share “Molly’s Picks” with your network from our Facebook page, too.

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