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Tile: Great Selection, Great Price

If you’ve ever visited the E. Ninth Avenue Re-Source York location, you have most likely seen the huge supply of tiles of all different shapes, colors, and sizes. These tiles are for sale at prices ranging from just $0.25-$2.00 each! tile stacks   tile pricing   These would be GREAT for kitchen or bathroom projects.   But since I don’t have any renovations lined up right now, I indulged my inner crafter and decided to head over to Pinterest again to look for more manageable (for me) creative ideas instead.

santa coasters One idea is coasters! The possibilities are almost endless for this craft. Whether you want to use your own picture, paint a masterpiece, or use a map, this coaster is an easy craft. You can pick the shape and size of the tile and then add whatever you would like to it to make it a unique coaster. You can use it in your own home or give it as a homemade gift that your friends and family are sure to enjoy! tile pendants

Homemade jewelry is always a hit gift and is really fun to make. This tile pendant is adorable and sure to add some extra flair to an outfit. Paint whatever you’d like on your tile to show off your unique personality. A glass/tile cutter is necessary for this craft, but that little extra effort is worth it in the end.

tile on easel Also, a tile can be used to make an inspirational sign to hang on the wall or sit on an easel. This is a pretty easy craft; all you have to do is write the message of your choice on the tile. Want to make it a little more fancy, try your hand at calligraphy.

Many of the items at Re-Source York can be used for something beyond their original purpose. A little creativity and inspiration can make any item a masterpiece. For more tile crafts ideas, visit www.Pinterest.com. For all your crafting needs, visit Re-Source York and get started!        



Molly NortonContributed by York native and York College of Pennsylvania student, Molly Norton, who is interning with us this summer.  re “Molly’s Picks” with your network from our Facebook page, too.

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